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Since 1970, Broadview has been a leader in the material science industry, providing high quality products and unparalleled service.  Broadview develops and manufactures the world’s largest variety of anhydrides for curing epoxy resins, as well as a wide range of flexiblizers and fire retardants. 

In addition to its diverse range of products, Broadview differentiates itself through providing personalized lab support, technical expertise and customized formulations. We are committed to working with our customers enhance their products’ performance, as well as to providing quality, safety and environmental care.

Fire Retardants   

Intumax - Flame Retardant Agent


A new revolutionary flame retardant / intumescent agent. INTUMAX® is ideal for incorporation into thermoset coatings and foams, potting compounds, fiberglass reinforced structures...

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Epoxy Curing   

Epoxy Curing Agents

Anhydride curing agents for epoxy resins offer a wide range of versatility, coupled with effective cost savings. These non-toxic, non carionogenic epoxy...

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Specialty Plasticizers   

Resoflex R-296 and R-446

 Resinous plasticizers especially suitable for plasticizing film forming materials, where resinous type plasticizers are not compatible.

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Broadview Technologies, Inc.
is located at
7-33 Amsterdam St., Newark, NJ 07105
Tel: 973.465.0077
Fax: 973.465.7713

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Intumax Polymer Intermediates
New Highly Efficient Catalyst Generation.
Intumax Broadview Launches
BV-2PS1 two phase system and SINB17 low temperature curing system
Intumax Benzathonium
Chloride Receives Key
European Regulatory

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